Research in Motion hasn't unveiled its much-anticipated BlackBerry 10 devices yet, but it seems one of its employees has forgotten that they should be kept under wraps. A Mexican BlackBerry representative was more than happy to demonstrate an L-Series BB10 handset this week, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

In the video below, filmed by website Hola Telcel, we get a tour of RIM's new operating system on one of first handsets in its BB10 lineup — including a look at its multitasking capabilities, its predictive text keyboard, and the camera app's nifty 'best shot' feature. The video's in Spanish, but that doesn't matter.

Unfortunately, the clip doesn't pay too much attention to the hardware itself, but from what we can tell, the handset looks just like the L-Series device that appeared in a leaked marketing video back in September. And if you ask me, that's a good-looking handset.

[Via: Engadget]