With devices like the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and a few exciting Lumia phones on the horizon, BlackBerry’s Priv will have some big competition to go up against. But BlackBerry is going full steam ahead with its first Android-powered device, and today’s video, uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel, proves that BlackBerry is quite anxious to release the device.

We actually got a comprehensive look at the Priv just this morning, so check that out of you want to see the device from every angle. BlackBerry’s video, which clocks in at just 41 seconds, is more of a teaser, a way to whet the appetite of longtime BlackBerry fans. There’s no arguing the device looks great, and people are very excited to give a proper physical keyboard a go. But this thing is still going up against the Note 5s and iPhones of the world. Not an easy task.

I love how the music swells when the physical keyboard pops up, as if it’s the most triumphant thing in the world. And it is indeed exciting! In in a world dominated by touch, people still long for the good old days. Are you among them? The video shows off a few features exclusive to the Priv, like the ability to launch directly into BlackBerry Hub, and more.

Check out the video above to see the Priv in action. It looks nice. Now all we need is final U.S. pricing and hands on time with this guy.