We have a bit of bad news if you live in the United States and are hoping to buy a new QWERTY-packing BlackBerry Q10 soon. It appears that the device may not actually launch in the United States until May or June of this year, about two to three months after the BlackBerry Z10 makes its debut.

Speaking with the Associated Press recently, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins said the device won't ship until eight to ten weeks after the BlackBerry Z10 hits store shelves. Heins attributed the U.S. launch delay to carrier testing, which is the same reason why the BlackBerry Z10 didn't launch here immediately after the phone was unveiled.

"We need to respect that [testing]," Heins told the Associated Press. "Am I a bit disappointed? Yeah, I would be lying saying no. But it is what it is, and we're working with all our carrier partners to speed it up as much as we can."

May or June could be a particularly dangerous launch window, especially since Apple is likely to announce its new iPhone this summer and Google will unveil its new Key Lime Pie operating system in May during its annual developer conference.