blackberry q10

The Blackberry Q10 has only been on the European market for a few weeks, but it’s already outselling both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 in France and the U.K. according to a report from Seeking Alpha.

In the U.K. the Q10 is not only outselling the BlackBerry Z10 but beating back the competition from Apple and Samsung. The QWERTY handset was initially offered as an exclusive from British retailer Selfridges, and sold out in just 90 minutes. Meanwhile in France, the Q10 is also outselling its competition. According to SFR, a French carrier with 21 million customers, the Blackberry handset is its best selling mobile device.

The Q10 won’t hit the U.S. market for another week, but with impressive sales figures coming from France, the U.K. and Canada as well, Blackberry is likely feeling optimistic that the handset will be a major success in America as well. We’ll need to see how U.S. consumers react, first.