The BlackBerry Priv is the company’s first Android smartphone, and the firm isn’t taking that lightly. In a new blog post, the Waterloo phone-maker details its plans to push out monthly security updates along with quicker one-time patches as specific issues arrive.

Over-the-air updates will roll out on a monthly basis based on Android vulnerabilities discovered by Google. BlackBerry notes that Priv devices bought through its online store will automatically be included. If you purchase the device from a carrier or another reseller, you’ll want to make sure they’ve agreed to participate in BlackBerry’s update schedule.

The Canadian company will also push out “hotfix” updates when a critical problem pops up. BlackBerry notes that it has the ability to directly patch all versions of the Priv regardless of where you bought it. So, in urgent situations, you shouldn’t have to wait for your carrier to approve a new fix.

Finally, BlackBerry explains that, in enterprise situations, the IT department will be able to control when a patch goes out to all employees. That should help keep an entire business running the same version of Android and avoid any potential security issues.

It’s good to hear that BlackBerry’s committed to keeping the Priv updated and secure once it’s already in our hands. We just hope the company makes good on its promises.