There’s nothing worse than using your phone on public transport. Whether you’re on a bus, train or plane, chances are someone in close proximity is glancing at your handset’s display, absorbing all of your personal information (or laughing at your embarrassing selfies). However, BlackBerry has launched an application that aims to leave ‘screen lookers‘ out of luck, but it’s only available for its lineup of Android-powered smartphones.

When activated, Privacy Shade obscures your device’s display, only exposing the exact area you’re reading or typing in. The intention here is that the application minimizes the amount of sensitive data on the screen at any given time; making it harder for prying eyes to piece together bits of information. What’s more, it can be activated at the press of a Convenience Key — so if you accidentally open something private, you can instantly hide it.

Sounds great, but how do I get it?

If you like the sound of Privacy Shade, own a BlackBerry smartphone running Android and want to give the application a go, simply head over to the Play Store to download it.