There’s some confusion among BlackBerry Priv buyers in regards to which models support wireless charging. I was reading up on this over the weekend and didn’t find a clear answer in regards to whether or not the AT&T model supports it. Some folks said it didn’t, others said it did. The answer is yes, the AT&T BlackBerry Priv supports wireless charging.

MobileSyrup cleared up some of the initial confusion this afternoon, but still left some question in regards to AT&T support. “Only devices purchased via ShopBlackBerry in the USA will support wireless charging,” BlackBerry told MobileSyrup. “They are both STV 100-1 models — however, wireless charging support is only specific to devices purchased via the USA ShopBlackBerry site.” Adding to the confusion, the review units that were shipped to some outlets don’t seem to have wireless charging built in, even though they have an AT&T boot sequence. So I figured I’d test the AT&T model, which I bought in an AT&T store on Friday.


I dropped it on top of a generic Qi mini charger that I had sitting in my desk. Wireless charging works just fine and even shows me where to position the phone on the pad. I also tried it on one of Samsung’s wireless charging pads, the EP-PG9201 to be specific, and it also worked just fine. The trick is to get the butt of the device right up on the pad.

The Priv is also supposed to support PMA, but I don’t have a charger here to test it with. In any case, I just wanted to alert potential buyers that the BlackBerry Priv on AT&T does have wireless charging built-in, but it’s just not clear why it works with some charging pads and not others.