The BlackBerry Priv is officially available beginning Friday from AT&T in the United States. If you ordered directly from ShopBlackBerry, you might also have received an email from BlackBerry this morning alerting you that the shipping process for the Priv is beginning. That’s good news, considering the site’s order page recently swapped the shipment date from Nov. 6 to Nov. 9. But the news gets even better.

BlackBerry said in its email, which TechnoBuffalo received this morning, that it’s also going to toss in a couple of accessories for folks who ordered direct from the ShopBlackBerry Store. “As a thank you for buying from ShopBlackBerry, you will receive a complimentary Priv slide-out hard shell case and a premium in-vehicle charger,” the email said. “Once your Priv has been shipped, you will receive an email detailing how to redeem these accessories.”

We hope orders actually make it out the door today, and definitely appreciate the added accessories.