Anxious to try out the BlackBerry Priv but don’t want to part ways with $700? Simply install the apps on your Android phone and experience the tweaks BlackBerry made to Google’s OS yourself.

While many people will likely take interest in the Priv due to its physical keyboard, the device is also worth a look for the software tweaks BlackBerry made. The general look and feel of the Priv is still stock Android, but there are plenty of small touches that make the device patently BlackBerry. The main one is actually the software keyboard, which is in and of itself a strong keyboard that offers a great layout and excellent predictive text. A few of the apps are available now.

The apps come courtesy of some intrepid folks over at XDA, who have been dumping some of the Priv apps online. You should be able to download and install most of them without issue; apps like the BlackBerry launcher and BlackBerry Calendar. If you want to try BlackBerry Hub, however, you’ll need to root your phone since Hub would need to be installed directly to your system partition.

You can check out the apps at the download link down below. Wouldn’t it be great if BlackBerry just released these to the Google Play store? Here’s hoping. Until that happens, you can side-load the apps yourself. As always, proceed at your own risk.