Earlier this week news surfaced suggesting that BlackBerry is working to build its very first Android smartphone. It seemed, at the time, that the new BlackBerry "Venice," a slider that the company has already teased, was going to usher in the company's Android era. It turns out the situation is a bit more complicated.

According to N4BB, BlackBerry is working on an Android phone and it's also working on a smartphone called the "Prague." It's not certain if the "Prague" is actually the Android device just yet, however, or if it's an entirely different phone.

N4BB said that BlackBerry's Android smartphone will be a relatively low-end all-touch smartphone and sold in emerging markets. It also learned that the alleged "Prague" is destined for the same markets with a similar body. There's no conclusive proof that the two are the same yet, but it's possible that Prague is indeed the Android BlackBerry we've been hearing about.

N4BB said the Prague is scheduled to launch sometime in August, mere months from now, and ahead of the bigger BlackBerry "Venice" launch. It's a bit of a bummer to hear that the flagship probably won't run Android. Baby steps.