BlackBerry Z30-VS-Z10-Back

BlackBerry's interim CEO recently penned a letter stating that his company is still very much alive, and reiterating the firm's focus on the enterprise. Earlier efforts may now be paying off.

On the same day the company released BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10.2 (BES), the company said that interest from enterprise and government clients has been drumming up recently.

According to Reuters, the firm noted a 20 percent increase in firms that have either already installed or are testing its BES mobile management systems during the past six months. As BlackBerry's CEO John Chen tried to re-iterate yesterday, the company isn't only focused on supporting its own hardware, and wants to make sure that IT departments, and competitors, know that it still supports BYOD programs that include devices such as the iPhone or Android-powered smartphones.

BES 10.2 builds on the BYOD mentality, and allows IT departments to have more control over Android and iOS devices, specifically when it comes to application management.

While the company still has a long ways to go when it comes to spurring adoption of its own hardware, the renewed interest on its device management systems from its largest enterprise customers shows certain signs of life.