Android BBM - 005 - Watermarked

Still not convinced that BlackBerry Messenger for Android is real and possibly showing up next week at BlackBerry DevCon?  Let us whet your appetite with a few more images.

Last week a source at Research In Motion (RIM) reached out to us with some images of what they claimed to be BBM for Android.  Said source read the comments on that post and decided to come back with a few more images to explain some of what you were seeing.  These new pictures show off threaded messaging as well as the ability to customize your fonts.  According to what the anonymous source tells us, you’ll also be able to change the size as you want for easy reading.

All of the accounts shown in the images are test accounts, so don’t be thrown by that part.

Could these still be faked?  Of course they could, but so far the source has not raised any red flags with us, and is also reading your comments as many of your raised questions about the fonts last time around.  If they are on the money, we’ll know next week at BlackBerry DevCon.

What do you think?  Is BlackBerry Messenger for Android going to become a reality?

Android BBM - 006 - Watermarked