There have been rumors circulating for some time that the popular BlackBerry Messneger app might be making its way to Android phones, but it’s something that Research In Motion (RIM) has never chosen to confirm.  We ran some images yesterday that showed what appeared to be a BBM app on an Android device, but those seemed a bit odd to begin with, and they were later debunked.

Today, an anonymous tipster reached out to us with some rather nice new pictures we haven’t seen before of the supposed application.  And instead of just dropping the images in our laps with no information, he gave us a little background on the situation:

I work for RIM and I was shown the latest version of bbm for android. I ran the app on the blackberry android dev phone.( The dev phone feels very cheap and unstable and the front four buttons have just been stuck on. I don’t believe this phone will ever be released to the public.) The latest version certainly looks better than the previous version.

What’s interesting, however, is he also adressed the images from earlier this week that were dismissed as being fake by adding the following:

Just to clarify for the leaks earier this week, the “Nicole” account in the previous photos is the default account for BBM Testing.

While some sites have declared them as totally fake images, now they bubble to the surface again from this tipster.  While that could potentially make you think that everything they have to say is suspect, he then backed everything up with some pretty clear images that do away with a lot of the doubts you may have.  (We’re particularly enjoying the stuck-on navigation buttons.)  True, these could be a really good Photoshop job, or perhaps just images shown on the screen, but they are looking and feeling pretty legitimate to us.  We did ask the tipster about the possibility of an iOS app, and they responded that it is under consideration.

As for when we might see this application announced, the tipster told us that it is possible it might be rolled out at BlackBerry DevCon that is coming up in San Francisco October 18 – 20.

For now, we advise taking these images with a grain of salt as you should with any leaked photo, but, if real, one has to wonder if RIM isn’t going to end up damaging the BlackBerry brand even further when the most popular feature of the device can be found elsewhere.