We met up with TCL during CES 2017 and had a chance to check out a new BlackBerry smartphone that will launch later this year. It’s currently called the BlackBerry Mercury, though that’s not the final name; more details on the device are expected during Mobile World Congress in February.

The BlackBerry Mercury isn’t the last BlackBerry smartphone, as many rumors have suggested, but rather the first of a series of new products that will create a new family of BlackBerry smartphones. We can expect more with QWERTY keyboards and devices with more premium and even entry-level designs, TCL explained during a meeting.

Solid device, but we don’t yet know the specs

It’s hard to have any final judgement call on the BlackBerry Mercury just yet, since the specs weren’t revealed to me during the meeting. I enjoyed the metallic build quality, the camera seemed to take decent pictures and was fast to load, I continue to enjoy BlackBerry’s implementation of Android (in this case, Nougat), and I like that TCL kept the trackpad QWERTY keyboard. That feature lets you scroll through websites by brushing your finger along the keyboard as if it was a trackpad. Additionally, the spacebar will serve as a fingerprint reader, though I wasn’t able to test its accuracy during my time with the phone.

Take a closer look at the device in the gallery above, and stay tuned for more on the BlackBerry Mercury next month.