BlackBerry Passport-1

BlackBerry looks to be planning to add a limited edition black and gold Passport to its lineup after the handset appeared on the official ShopBlackBerry online store ahead of its official unveiling. The device looks just like the original model, but its silver trim has been repainted gold.

“BlackBerry is offering its most exclusive product to date: the Gold BlackBerry Passport,” reads the handset’s description on the Canadian ShopBlackBerry store. “Only 50 Gold BlackBerry Passports worldwide have been built. With gold-colored metal trim and frets, you will quickly see that it is no ordinary Passport.”

Each device will have its own production number, BlackBerry says, as well as the words “Limited Edition” engraved into it. But you’re going to have to pay for those privileges. While the original Passport is priced at C$699 by ShopBlackBerry, the black and gold model is C$999 (approx. $833).


Despite no official announcement yet, the black and gold Passport can still be found on BlackBerry’s website. If you try to purchase it, however, you’ll get an “out of stock and unavailable” message. You’ll also notice that BlackBerry hasn’t yet updated the images for the listing; the device shown is the original Piano Black model with silver trim.

If you’re interested in the black and gold Passport, keep an eye on BlackBerry’s online store over the coming days and weeks.