The BlackBerry Leap is the latest smartphone coming to the market from BlackBerry. It was announced during Mobile World Congress 2015 where we had a chance to go hands-on with it, and BlackBerry has a closer look at the device’s app store leading into the launch.

In the video below, you’ll find a quick walkthrough of the Amazon App Store, where you’ll find a bevy of apps that run just fine on BlackBerry devices. It complements the company’s own app portal and allows users to install some of the more popular apps that are available for Android smartphones but have’t been specifically developed to run on BlackBerry devices.

You’ll note in the video that BlackBerry suggests its own App Store is for enterprise applications, while Amazon’s is more consumer friendly. That’s an interesting take, and the first time we’ve really seen them separated in that fashion. Check out the video to tide you over while you wait for the Leap to launch sometime in April.