BlackBerry launched the KeyOne back in May with a full QWERY keyboard and Android Nougat. Immediately upon its arrival, customers started to complain its display was lodging out of place very easily and testing confirmed it. BlackBerry said it fixed the problem in July, but there were still some skeptics.

Among those was JerryRigEverything who had a big issue with the KeyOne’s disappointing build. He went out and bought a newer KeyOne to see if BlackBerry had solved the display issue for good, and it turns out it is now nearly impossible to remove.

The new measure BlackBerry took to ensure the display doesn’t come off anymore was adding a ton of adhesive. The display will not come off at all now, even when heat is applied. Amidst a myriad of tests, including a bend test, the display stayed on rock solid.

JerryRigEverything eventually was successful in removing the display, but only after applying a brute amount of force that resulted in a shattered display.

The main issue with the first model was the lack of adhesive around the edges of the display. The newer models contain a much more generous amount of adhesive that locks the display into place permanently. If you were worried about possible damage to the display if you had to replace a part, don’t worry, you can reach any internal component from the back.

Throughout the whole process, BlackBerry was upfront about its intent to fix the issue and helping affected customers with information about the phone’s warranty. And now that it solved the issue entirely, we’re quite impressed with BlackBerry’s quick response to the issue. Good for you, BlackBerry.

You can check out JerryRigEverything’s durability test of the KeyOne in the video down below.