The next phone announced by BlackBerry Mobile should bring back one of the brand’s most recognizable features.

BlackBerry Mobile, which is a sub-brand owned and operated by TCL, announced that it’ll launch the Key2 next month. Along with confirming its name and launch date, the sub-brand also put forth something of a slogan – “An Icon Reborn” – to get us excited. TCL is still pushing forward using BlackBerry’s name, and the Key2 will harness nostalgia with a physical keyboard.

Following what will likely include a few more weeks of teasers, the Key2 will be made official on June 7. BlackBerry Mobile’s launch event will take place in New York City with media outlets invited to see the announcement first-hand.

The Key2 has already appeared in a set of leaks, all but confirming what we suspected. It surfaced in a database over in China that had press renders from every angle. Then a live shot of the Key2 slipped out late last month. Based on what we’ve seen there, the Key2 should resemble its predecessor with some refinements.

Metal accents are gone, and in its place are matte black accents that match the rest of the phone. The Key2 should also have a dual-camera setup similar to other flagships on the market. BlackBerry Mobile is largely sticking with the KeyOne’s look and feel.

Specifications, including things like the display resolution and processor, have yet to leak.

When the Key2 is official, we’ll bring all the information to you. BlackBerry Mobile invited TechnoBuffalo to its launch event, so expect live coverage as the announcement is made.