Between the endless talk about the iPhone, Palm Pre and Android phones, does anyone remember a little number called the BlackBerry?  Well, obviously someone does since 10.1 million of them sold  between Sept. and Nov. of this year.

Those of us in the tech blogosphere seem to find endless reasons to discuss Apple’s iPhone and the upcoming Nexus One, but hardly anyone ever talks about Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry phones.  Why things are this way is totally beyond me because there are certainly numbers to support just how popular these phones still are.

blackberrytourAccording to Electronista, a total of 75 million BlackBerries have been sold since their inception, and 13.46% of those, or 10.1 million, were shipped in the third quarter that ran from Sept. to Nov. of this year.

So why are so many of these phones selling when no one is talking about them?  Well, that might actually be part of the charm of them.  According to a recent article by eWeek, BrandIndex surveys 5,000 adult Americans each day to see how brands are trending.  As the war between AT&T’s iPhone and Verizon’s Droid has heated up with sniping back and forth between the two companies, the BlackBerry has been slowly creeping up in the approval ratings to where the company doubled its standing between July and now.

Drew Kerr, a spokesperson for BrandIndex, said, “They say a rising tide lifts all boats, but in the ad world, it works especially well when two rival wireless carriers launch blistering ad campaigns and file lawsuits.” He went on to add, “While a very public campaign war between Motorola’s Droid and Apple’s iPhone continues to wage on through the holiday season, RIM has quietly improved the customer experience with their BlackBerry smartphones. BlackBerry’s satisfaction scores have doubled since the summer to a 2009 year-to-date high, with a more recent three point gain since November.”

With all of this data saying the BlackBerry phones are still a very viable device, you have to wonder why people act shocked that the BlackBerry is still talked about at all.  Sure it isn’t always a sleek and sexy device, but it gets the job done, and unlike the iPhone, BlackBerry users tend to actually be able to make calls.