Owners of the BlackBerry Priv should start looking for a new device, as BlackBerry this week revealed it will no longer push out monthly security updates to the device. That’s a tough break, because the Priv is still an excellent Android phone.

The good news is BlackBerry is launching a trade-up program in response to the news, so Priv owners can easily upgrade to a more current BlackBerry handset. The offer also extends to BlackBerry fans still holding onto older BB10 and BBOS devices. More details about the program are forthcoming.

Hardcore fans of the brand knew this day would come. When the Priv launched in 2015, BlackBerry said it would support the device for 24 months. BlackBerry kept to that promise and is now looking toward the future.

According to BlackBerry, Priv users who decide to stick with the device can still expect a secure experience, as the device’s “built-in security posture had little need for many of the updates” the company delivered over the past few years. In other words, BlackBerry is confident in its security despite the fact that no future updates are coming.

That being said, BlackBerry has committed to fulfilling any warranty obligations for the Priv, as well as potentially closing any critical vulnerabilities that may arise.

BlackBerry owners looking to upgrade can turn to the BlackBerry KeyOne or BlackBerry Motion, the latter of which doesn’t feature a physical keyboard.