BlackBerry only develops software these days, but some companies around the world have picked up the brand's identity to sell hardware with the name attached.

Right now there are a small number of licensees. TCL is the most notable, rolling out the KeyOne, Motion, and DTEK despite minimal involvement from BlackBerry itself. The company has actually gone as far as creating a BlackBerry Mobile subdivision to give the impression that hardware is still coming from the namesake.

There's another licensee in India preparing two new mobile devices, and that would be Optiemus. A few weeks ago, we saw the Ghost for the first time. Now we're seeing the Ghost Pro. Both have yet to be announced, but Optiemus will clearly implement modern design touches based on these leaks.

Though it's unclear how the Ghost Pro will different from the Ghost, we're able to see the direction Optiemus wants to take the BlackBerry brand in. Mobile industry insider Evan Blass tweeted an image showing the Ghost Pro while pointing out that it's an exclusive for India.

Here we're seeing that, like the Ghost, the presumably larger model will also have an all-screen front with thin top and bottom bezels.

Optiemus doesn't have a physical home button or fingerprint scanner on the face of the phone, so the latter must be around the back. It did, however, manage to squeeze BlackBerry's logo into the small space below the display. Other than that, we can only tell a power button and volume rocker are along the right side of the Ghost Pro.

Nothing is known about a launch date, but Blass recently said the Ghost is "coming soon." We assume the Ghost Pro will arrive at the same time. And it's impossible to avoid hoping TCL brings similar-looking BlackBerry devices to the rest of the world.