The halcyon days of BlackBerry are dead. In their place is the staggered release of devices made by different manufacturers. The newest BlackBerry device being made is by Optiemus Infracom, an Indian telecommunications giant. Going under the name Ghost, this new device looks like a true modern day flagship.

VentureBeats’ Evan Blass provided the first glimpse of the device. The image doesn’t give us much to go on—it’s only a side profile—but what we do see looks impressive. Blass’ description of the device gives us a little more to go on: “a bezel-less, premium Android handset from licensee Optiemus; coming soon to India.”

The bezel-less description bodes well for the device. Most devices are moving toward slimmed down bezels that make room for bigger displays, and the BlackBerry Ghost appears to be no different. While it’s hard to confirm, it appears as though it’ll wear a metal frame with a stealthy black coat of paint.

Optiemus gained the rights to manufacturer devices under the BlackBerry brand in India as well as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. Unfortunately, it appears the Ghost will be an India exclusive and will never make its way to the U.S. Of course, if you really want one, you can go the unlocked route and import one yourself.

Pricing and availability for the BlackBerry Ghost have yet to be revealed.