BlackBerry Messenger was one of the first non-SMS mobile messaging services to really catch on. The application took a major hit as Apple and Android pushed BlackBerry out of the smartphone market, but since re-launching BBM as a cross-platform app the once-dominant service is making a comeback.

BlackBerry announced on Friday that it recently hit 91 million active users for BBM across Android, iOS, Windows Phone and its own smartphone lineup. That's up from 85 million active users back in March. At the time, the service also boasted 113 million registered users total, though BlackBerry doesn't mention how people have signed up for the service overall in its latest announcement.

For those 91 million people who are using BBM, the company is also rolling out a few new features with a new version the app. BlackBerry is adding a "sticker picker" to make it easier to sort through the 55 different sticker packs currently available through the BBM Shop. Waterloo is also turning on high quality image transfers by default and improving BBM status updates for Android so you can let friends know what song you're listening to.

Growth is great, but can BlackBerry continue to hold on to BBM users as WhatsApp and other competitors continue to increase rapidly, too? It may also soon find a new competitor in Google, which is currently touring India and examining messaging apps before it gears up to launch its own WhatsApp-style client sometime in 2015.