BlackBerry's BBM apps for Android and iOS are on fire, and now you can jump in without hesitation as the wait list has been removed.

When BBM for Android and iOS launched early last week you had to wait in a queue to register your account. This was done to help keep the number of hits to the servers down, the issue that had caused the first roll out to go so wrong. At some point, it's unclear exactly when it happened, the wait list was lifted and you can now register at will. Considering that the app has been climbing the charts on iOS, and the Google Play Store suggests it has been downloaded somewhere between 10 to 50 million times thus far, that should make for a lot of happy new users.

While this roll out has gone smoother than the first time, it has had its share of controversies as it was discovered that apparently bogus five star reviews were being published in the Google Play Store in droves. It does cast a bit of a shadow of doubt over the download numbers, but we imagine that for the most part they are indeed correct.

If you haven't jumped on the BBM train yet, it appears that now is the time if you're eager to get started.