RIM BBM Button

Will a dedicated BBM button reverse RIM's floundering market share? Of course not. But two alleged images of the BlackBerry Curve 9320 did recently surface in the CrackBerry forums and one shows a dedicated BBM key where one usually finds a dedicated camera or voice-control button. We're not sure why RIM would add the feature, most BlackBerry owners we know (the few remaining, anyway) have BBM dead center on the home screen. It's a novel idea, but we think RIM should be spending its time on other projects — like making sure its BB10 operating system is absolutely flawless — instead of adding minute changes to devices that haven't otherwise changed in the past several years. CrackBerry said the Curve 9320 will come equipped with the standard fare, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 512MB of RAM. Other features are still unknown but the device is said to launch in the coming weeks.

[via CrackBerry]