BlackBerry, formerly RIM, announced its new BlackBerry 10 platform and two new smartphones yesterday. The BlackBerry Z10 makes its debut in the U.K. today, but won't be available in the United States until March. Meanwhile, the Q10 won't launch until April at the earliest. The Wall Street Journal sat down with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins and got down into the nitty gritty details as to why the delay exists here.

"Carriers are very professional organizations, they know how to separate [testing and pricing]," he explained. "They know if they leverage the lab entry process vs. pricing they lose, because they'll be late to market. The pricing negotiations as far as I know from my team are settled already. It's purely the testing procedure. They do the best they can. Would I have loved to see it earlier? Absolutely. Make no mistake everyone's trying to pull the date in—carriers and us collectively."

It's essentially the same reason that software updates are often late to the U.S. It's unfortunate that we, as consumers, have to deal with a delay, due to ongoing lab tests, but in the end it's so that we end up with a product that won't hit any network issues.

Still, something seems off base here: we can't figure out why the U.S. carriers couldn't begin testing the phones a month earlier, so that they could launch at the same time as European phones.

The Wall Street Journal has a compelling in-depth interview with Heins, and it's definitely worth a read.