john-chen blackberry

BlackBerry CEO John Chen provided plenty of juicy quotes in a recent interview that discussed the company’s hardware business and its future in smartphones, in addition to rumors that BlackBerry is developing a new smartphone powered by Android.

Speaking with Re/code, Chen said that BlackBerry hasn’t released an Android smartphone because it’s more complicated than it seems. “It’s a little more complex, which is why it is not done,” he said, without expounding or confirming whether or not BlackBerry will actually release an Android device.

Chen also admitted BlackBerry has struggled with apps, particularly against the iTunes App Store and Google Play, but that BlackBerry is “working hard” on improving the situation.

Still, despite his bullish view on smartphone hardware in the past, Chen said he doesn’t have an infinite amount of patience. “If I can’t make money on the phone, I will be out of that telephone handset business,” Chen said. “There is a timeline; I won’t tell you when.”