BlackBerry Priv-7

BlackBerry will no longer operate in Pakistan at the end of December. The company said it was recently notified by the Pakistani government than it will not be allowed to offer its services, and BlackBerry has a new blog post explaining its side of the story.

"In July, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority notified the country's mobile phone operators that BlackBerry's BES servers would no longer be allowed to operate in the country starting in December "for security reasons,"" BlackBerry explained in a recent blog post. "The truth is that the Pakistani government wanted the ability to monitor all BlackBerry Enterprise Service traffic in the country, including every BES e-mail and BES BBM message. But BlackBerry will not comply with that sort of directive. As we have said many times, we do not support "back doors" granting open access to our customers' information and have never done this anywhere in the world."

BlackBerry also noted that this isn't a matter of keeping the public safe, and that it's willing to comply with governments to assist in law enforcement.

This isn't the first time BlackBerry has run into a disagreement with a world government. The company sparred with India before reaching an agreement in 2013. It's possible a similar agreement will be reached in this case, too, but otherwise the plan is to shut down BlackBerry's services on December 30.