Showcasing the next version of Research In Motion's mobile operating system, four video tutorials for the Blackberry Bold Touch, previously known as the Dakota, have been leaked for public viewing. Thanks to the blog N4BB, we now have specific details on how to make and receive calls, insert your SIM card, navigate BlackBerry 6.1's home screen, and a basic overview of the operating system.

Inserting Your SIM Card

This video simply displays how to insert the SIM card and MicroSD into the device. Though it is not particularly complex and is almost instinctive nowadays, it is still nice to see a full 360 degree view of the device and check out what will be beneath the back panel.

BlackBerry 6.1 Basics

Demonstrating the touch-enabled aspect of the newest iteration of BlackBerry's operating system, this video, entitled "Basics," shows how one can best utilize the relatively small capacitive touchscreen. An example of this would be the intuitive pinch-to-zoom feature, which allows for a generally better and more engaged user experience when viewing photo galleries. A unique feature that is specific to the device is long-tapping on multimedia, which allows for one to easily share links and photos with your preferred social networks.

Making a Phone Call

The next bit of footage showcases the device during actual phone calls. Though it is simple, one must recognize the fact that these videos are likely meant for those who are unable to use the device by intuition. It is, however, nice to see the features that are made available at your fingertips during calls, namely the ability to view and edit your calendar using the jump bar located at the bottom of the screen.

BlackBerry 6.1's Notifications and App Management Apparatus

This video might quite possibly be the most revealing one, showing a notification system akin to that of the Torch and a quick search functionality. It also has become apparent that RIM is compensating for the screen size when optimizing its operating system for the next touchscreen mobile device that the company will offer.

Overall, the operating system doesn't stray too far from its predecessor, maintaining the same visual style and basic functionality as that found on the BlackBerry Torch. However, the software does appear to be optimized to be intuitive and approachable on a device with a smaller screen.

What do you, BlackBerry enthusiasts and smartphone followers alike, think? Does this operating system indicate a new direction for RIM? Would you want to pick up a device such as the Bold Touch? Sound off in the comments below.

[Source – N4BB, via BGR]