Last month BlackBerry’s CEO hinted the company might finally release a new tablet. Now, BlackBerry has its next slate, though it’s not the PlayBook follow-up we expected.

Instead, the Waterloo company is offering a super-secure tablet aimed at enterprise and government customers. The SecuTablet matches Samsung hardware with encryption software from IBM and Secusmart, a German firm acquired by BlackBerry earlier this year. Basically, it’s a Galaxy Tab S 10.5 with a bunch of extra security baked-in.

The new tablet uses a special microSD card designed by Secusmart that includes a few different cryptographic chips to protect your personal and professional data. IBM adds an extra layer of security on top of that. You’ll also be able to use popular apps like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp as well, without compromising your security.

The company tells PCWorld it plans to sell each SecuTablet for a whopping $2,380. That includes Secusmart’s encryption card, extra software and a year of free maintenance. The device is already guaranteed some use by the German government, which commissioned it from Secusmart to begin with. Whether the new tablet catches on anywhere else at that price remains to be seen.