BlackBerry Q10-VS-Z10-Side

BlackBerry’s assets may one day be owned by Google, according to a report from Reuters. As the flailing Waterloo company looks for a way out, a number of suitors are lining up to stop the bleeding. Sources close to BlackBerry’s plans claim the company is in talks with such giants as Cisco, LG, Samsung and even intel. This comes after BlackBerry already reached a preliminary agreement with Fairfax Financial Holdings for $4.7 billion

Essentially, BlackBerry is making a last ditch effort to see if a company like an LG or Samsung is at all interested; these companies might actually have some use for BlackBerry’s patents and technology. “It is unclear which parties will bid, if any,” Reuters reported. However, even despite BlackBerry’s inability to sustain interest over these past few years, the company’s security and patents are still coveted to many competing companies. Reuters says that putting a value to such assets remains “an issue.”

BlackBerry’s future is more nebulous than its ever been, so it’s difficult to judge what will happen next. It’s unlikely there will be any list minute bids from some of BlackBerry’s more dominant peers, though stranger things have happened. One thing’s for certain: BlackBerry as we know it will never be the same.