BlackBerry Live 2013 - BBM App - 001

BlackBerry promised it would launch BBM for Android and iOS this summer, and it fulfilled that promise for a few hours. Shortly after it began rolling out the chat client for Android and iOS on September 21, it stopped the deployment due to a leaked APK file that launched in the Google Play Store. That leaked client resulted in the company’s servers being quickly slammed by 1.1 million users, which BlackBerry was oddly not prepared for.

The company followed up with a statement hours later when it said that BBM for iOS and Android roll-out was paused for the foreseeable future. At the time, it was trying to focus on blocking the leaked APK and the million people who started using it, while also trying to beef up its servers for heavy traffic loads. Now, the company says it’s still focused on delivering BBM to both mobile platforms, but doesn’t say when that will happen.

“Still 100% committed to bringing #BBM to Android and iPhone,” the company said on Twitter on Monday. “Sign up at to know when #BBM4All.”

Unfortunately, the failed launch is just another issue the struggling smartphone maker is facing. Its BlackBerry 10 operating system, and the new phones that launched on it, weren’t enough to swing the company’s fortunes. As a result, it reported a nearly $1 billion loss for the fiscal second quarter. All of this follows an agreed upon sale to Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited for $4.7 billion.