This is the most comprehensive look yet at BlackBerry 10. This is what we’ll

see on Jan. 30

. The same site that’s been posting

beautiful L-Series shots

has shared a ton of screenshots from the OS, revealing that some pretty big apps are available for the platform from the get-go: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare.

It’s nice to see what everything looks like overall, and to see what the experience will be like, rather than being treated to just a few short glimpses. The UI looks decidedly BlackBerry, with some added next-gen flare, of course. And, as is customary in newer smartphones, there seems to be a personal assistant style app built-in to the OS.

If you’re excited for RIM’s new platform, you’ll definitely want to peek at what’s coming up. We know that the hardware will be solid—it’s the software that we’re still very curious about.