In addition to BlackBerry's Z10 and Q10, the company supposedly has a lower-end R-Series planned for sometime this year running the company's latest OS. According to reports around the Web, the QWERTY device looks decidedly rooted in BlackBerry's current design language, with an obvious Curve-like appearance. We saw an earlier roadmap leak that pointed to a possible R-Series showing up next year, so perhaps this leaked shot is a prototype of some sort.

BlackBerryOS, where the above picture originated from, wasn't able to provide many details about the handset. However, a post detailing a low-end BB10 device was found over at BlackBerry Empire, though it's unclear if its information refers to the R-Series or something entirely different.

The specs mentioned include microSD and micro SIM slots, 8GB of storage and a 1800mAh battery. So maybe a low-end QWERTY device is inbound from BlackBerry, maybe not. The Q10 still hasn't reached the U.S. market, so one would assume the company's focus is firmly on getting that out to consumers first.

One thing is already certain: BlackBerry has denied it will sell a $50 budget BlackBerry, so don't expect an entry-level price.