blackberry z10 heins

Earlier this month a mystery company purchased one million BlackBerry 10 smartphones from BlackBerry. It was was a notable transaction because BlackBerry 10 just launched and because it was the biggest single order BlackBerry (formerly RIM) has ever received in one fell swoop.

AllThingsD said it has learned that the partner is Brightstar, a massive distributor of cell phones and other gadgets. AllThingsD had originally predicted that the partner was Brightstar competitor Brightpoint, but its sources said the speculation was "a point off" but that they had the "bright" part correct. Putting two and two together, the news outlet was able to guess Brightstar.

One analyst believes it's possible the order was so large because Brightstar is managing Verizon's inventory and will be able to offload the devices faster if the BlackBerry Z10 doesn't sell well through Verizon's own channels. "It suggests Verizon doesn't believe this will be a strong seller since it normally tries to allocate hot product on its own," Mark Gerber, a managing director with Detwiler Fenton, told AllThingsD.

Neither BlackBerry nor Brightstar has officially confirmed the story.