BlackBerry has quite a few apps ready for the launch of its new platform, BlackBerry 10. And while the company has some big names onboard, there are two glaring omissions that need to be on the platform if BlackBerry wants to truly compete: Instagram and Netflix.

The good news is that both apps are likely coming, though it’s unclear when. A BlackBerry spokesman told AllThingsD that the company is “in talks” with each company, but didn’t expand on details. Netflix might not be a huuuuuge deal for mobile phones, but Instagram is a different beast. As one of the most cherished photo sharing apps available, the absence will surely be noticed—particularly if BlackBerry is attempting to reach the younger crowd.

Other noticeable absentees include dedicated apps for Google Maps and YouTube, as well as Hulu. Hopefully these talks are going well so development can get started, otherwise that 70,000 app figure isn’t going to mean all that much to some people.