BlackBerry 10 FCC image

A mysterious BlackBerry handset has made its way through FCC approval with radios for AT&T's LTE and GSM networks in tow.

Merely identified with a model number of "RFF91LW," this device could potentially be the BlackBerry Z10, or it could be a developer handset, we just don't know. Everything that could potentially reveal the true identity of the device has been censored from the filings which will leave us all guessing into RIM's event in New York City on Jan. 30.

With the leak we reported on early this morning of an N-Series handset, and this FCC filing in hand, it's becoming fairly clear that the new BlackBerry 10 devices will be launching fairly soon after the announcement event next month. This is a good thing in our eyes as RIM is in desperate need of releasing the BB10 operating system and getting on the road to recovery. If it's enough to do so remains to be seen, however.