BlackBerry Z10 Apps

BlackBerry 10 just hit its first milestone: there are now more than 100,000 applications available for BlackBerry's budding mobile platform. That's pretty impressive considering the OS officially launched in January. The company said it has approved more than 30,000 applications in the past seven weeks alone.

Applications for OpenTable, The Wall Street Journal and Amazon Kindle launched today, and the company said that Skype, CNN, Soundhound, eBay, MLB at Bat and several other well-known apps will be launching in the coming weeks.

"The response to the BlackBerry 10 platform and applications has been outstanding," BlackBerry Global Alliances vice president Martyn Mallick said. "Top brands and application providers are joining us every day and are seeing the benefits of being early supporters of the new platform. We constantly hear from developers that the BlackBerry 10 tools are easy to build with and that we provide opportunities for app differentiation that they do not see on other platforms."

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon are all gearing up to offer the BlackBerry Z10 in the United States beginning on March 22.