Black Panther won’t hit theaters for another few weeks, but Marvel Studios is already letting people see the movie. Specifically, the studio showed the film to a handful of journalists, who were allowed to share their reactions on social media.

So, does Black Panther live up to the hype? It sure sounds like it.

Now, it’s worth tempering expectations when reading reactions on social media. Often, people haven’t had long to digest what they just saw. Even still, many of the journalists who saw the film seem to agree: Black Panther is among Marvel’s best.

Which is great news considering the caliber of Marvel films over the previous few years. Black Panther was a standout character when he debuted in Captain America: Civil War, and he’s finally getting his due.

What’s especially promising is how thrilled people are by Michael B. Jordan’s turn as Erik Killmonger, who is said to be Marvel’s best villain since Loki. The women in the film are also said to kick major butt.

These early reactions may not be entirely representative of how the larger public reacts to Black Panther. But if we judge based on the trailers and these first impressions, the film will be yet another Marvel hit.