Marvel has unveiled the first official movie poster for Black Panther, and it’s a combination of grand style and intriguing hints about the movie.

We’re still many months away from the release of Black Panther, but aside from a kickass appearance in Captain America: Civil War, we know relatively little about the movie. However, the movie poster sheds a few new details about what to expect. First off all, how kickass does T’Challa look on his throne?

T’Challa is wearing his Black Panther suit minus the mask on an exuberantly royal throne. Serving as the background is a lavish palace with gold walls marked with an unknown typography. At the bottom center is the movie title and the release date, which isn’t that far away.

So, what should we make of the poster? There are no secondary characters present, nor any expansive views of Wakanda. The unknown typography looks like something we’d find in Asgard, but we don’t know if the two are connected. It’s unclear at this point if any other Avengers will make an appearance in Black Panther, but we’d bet our money on it as last we saw him, he was kicking back at his pad with Captain America putting Bucky on ice.

Black Panther will be in theaters February 16, 2017.