It’s easy to focus on the here and now of this summer, which is packed with superhero movies, or even movies like Justice League hitting this fall. But one of the Marvel flicks I’m most interested in doesn’t even release this year: Black Panther.

Set to hit theaters in early 2017, Marvel released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming film, and I don’t think this even counts as a teaser anymore. This is just a straight-up trailer. And it looks great.

This movie is going to roast our eyes right out of our heads

Every Marvel movie has been a treat for the eyes, but Black Panther is promising to be the best-looking movie from Marvel yet.

Black Panther’s true identity is T’Challa, ruler of a hidden African nation called Wakanda. Wakanda is a highly advanced nation with incredible technology that the rest of the world would love to get a hand on. The trailer features Everett K. Ross, played by Martin Freeman, interrogating Ulysses Klaw (no known relation to the doctor from Inspector Gadget, incidentally), who tells him that the “textiles, shepherds, and cool outfits” the nation is known for are a front for a much more interesting place.

Inside the nation, it seems Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan (Fantastic Four), is staging an insurrection. I feel like they should’ve seen it coming with a name like “Killmonger.” T’Challa is having to defend his nation from the inside and outside.

Every shot is showing us this beautiful, incredible place, which the Marvel universe has really only hinted at it so far. Wakanda looks to be a visually stunning world with some of the MCU’s most impressive sights.

Black Panther hits theaters on February 18, 2018.