Marvel is eyeing another record-breaking weekend with Black Panther arriving in cinemas. The latest entry into the MCU has seen an unusual amount of hype buoyed by sterling reviews and the first-ever superhero movie with a cast predominantly comprised of African American actors. All of this is setting up Black Panther to shatter the box office record Deadpool set two years ago.

According to Box Office Pro, Black Panther is tracking to completely destroy Deadpool’s previous President’s Day record. In 2016, Deadpool totaled a $152.1 million box office cume during the four-day holiday weekend. Black Panther is expected to eclipse the $200 million mark during the same four-day mark, handily shattering the previous record.

The $200 million-plus four-day take is something only five other movies have done before, two of which happen to be Marvel movies. That will also give Black Panther the biggest opening weekend for a non-Avengers Marvel movie.

Black Panther will be the latest in a long list of hits in the MCU, but it might have an bigger impact on the franchise than any movie before it. Some of the biggest compliments the movie has been receiving are its development of secondary characters and its supremely charismatic villain Erik Killmonger, portrayed by Michael B. Jordan.

Those two specific points just happen to be some of the biggest flaws in nearly every Marvel movie. Black Panther’s success hopefully pivots the MCU in a new direction to tells new stories that are more than just subservient chapters to Avengers movies.