We’ve seen pictures of most of the Avengers appearing in Captain America: Civil War, but one character that has eluded cameras has been Black Panther. Not anymore.

A handful of Civil War images appeared online on Wednesday, giving us our first real look at the character in action. It isn’t entirely clear what’s taking place—he’s on a rooftop with an unmasked Winter Soldier—but finally we get to see that Black Panther outfit in the flesh.

Rumors have it Black Panther seeks out Winter Soldier in Civil War, which might be why we see the two together in these photos. I won’t say why the leader of Wakanda is seeking out the brainwashed soldier, but let’s just say it probably won’t be a happy meeting.

If you want to learn more about what to expect from Civil War, you can read up on it here. Now that we’ve seen Black Panther, hopefully we’ll soon get a look at Spider-Man, who is also going to appear in the film. Rumor has it the web slinger will wear two different suits in the film—something I can’t wait to see.