White is so 2009, right?  Breaking the tradition of its all white console and accessories, Nintendo has announced the introduction of black Wii hardware to be made available early this month.  Last week, Kotaku received a leaked GameStop ad from one of its employees promising its availability in black.  Even more, all future Wii systems will include Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and the Wii Motion Plus all for the same $199 price tag.


Scheduled for release May 9th, potential Wii owners holding out for the glossy black hardware seen floating around Japan for months can soon hand over their hard earned cash.  From the horse’s mouth:

“Previously unavailable throughout the Americas, the black version of the Wii console will offer all the groundbreaking features and functions of its white counterpart in a stylish new color scheme. Whether they aim to color-coordinate with other devices or simply love the way it looks, consumers throughout the Americas can add a black Wii console with matching black Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to their home entertainment lineup. Additional black controllers and accessories can be purchased separately.”

Is a color choice enough to finally convince you the Wii will fit nicely alongside your TV?  Are you still holding out for another color?  Share your Wii desires in the comments.

[Nintendo via Kotaku]