Apple might soon be refreshing the MacBook Air with a Retina display, but there’s no sign that the company is going to release another black laptop anytime soon. Still, we can dream, right? I’ve always loved the look of Apple’s old black MacBooks, and I’d love a MacBook Air to match my space gray iPhone 5s. I’m clearly not the only one, since TUAW‘s Mike Wehner recently came up with some concepts of what a device might look like.

Wehner doesn’t change the design of the laptop, just the color — his concept seems to imagine a brushed black aluminum body. I love the way the white Apple logo accents the whole design on the back, too — it just sticks out a bit more — and how the color seeps in to every nook of the device, including the power port. There are, of course, third parties who are more than willing to paint a notebook for a price — though it’s often expensive.

Again — this is just a concept and there’s no indication that Apple has any plans to launch a black MacBook Air. That won’t stop our fantasies, though. Can you imagine what a gold/white one to match the iPhone 5s might look like?