New photos of the alleged black iPhone 7 Plus surfaced this week on Weibo via KK. They were published by TechTastic, and appear to show the rumored “Space Black” iPhone next to the rose gold and gold color options.

My guess is that they’re fake.

I think it’s entirely possible Apple has plans to launch a black iPhone, that’s not what confuses me. Instead, it’s the Smart Connector on the bottom of these phones. That was originally supposed to make an appearance on the iPhone 7 Plus, but any mention of it seems to have vanished from almost all rumors at this point, and some reports even suggested the feature was scrapped altogether. The photo resolution is also atrocious, which usually helps for someone with poor Photoshop skills.

We have an iPhone 7 Plus dummy in the office and it doesn’t have any such smart connectors. Either several versions are floating around, or something is amiss. See our dummy unit in the gallery below.

The black color scheme gets my nod of approval either way.