Black Samsung Galaxy S III

T-Mobile recently published images on its site of the black Galaxy S III. We were told by the company's PR team that it was a lighting issue, even though we had a chance to play with a T-Mobile-branded black Galaxy S III ourselves. We also already know that a 16GB model is set to launch in the U.K. in the next 4-6 weeks, but now, U.K. retailer Clove Technology has more information.

According to the company, it will begin selling a 64GB version of the international Galaxy S III, in black, in October. That means you could potentially carry one of the world's hottest and most powerful smartphones with a total of 128GB of storage, if you choose to add in a 64GB microSD card, too. Not only that, but you would be among the first on the planet to have the sweet new glossy black model (aside from our buddy who let us play with his earlier this week, that is). Unfortunately, Clove Technology hasn't revealed how much the phone will cost, although we're guessing that it will cost a great deal more than the £405.00 ($635) the site currently charges for the 16GB pebble blue model.

Again, T-Mobile denied that it will offer a glossy black version of the phone, but since we've already seen it you might want to hold off to see if you can nab one on a contract to save a few hundred dollars.

[via Clove, Android Central]