smart-black-box-2You're driving down the road, texting, turning the Katy Perry up and eating a Five Dollar Footlong all at once when suddenly another car "leapes out in front of yours." Smash! Oh what a world! The nerve of the other driver for not yielding to you as you ran the red light! Well, it's your word against theirs, right? There's still a chance you'll be able to get out of this via a well crafted excuse.

Not in 2015. The Senate has green-lighted a bill that would require all new 2015 vehicles and beyond to be equipped with a Black Box. The bill, which needs only a stamp from the House to come to life, would require "Mandatory Event Data Recorders" to be installed in all vehicles past 2015, with civil penalties reserved for drivers who fail to meet the standard.

Black Boxes have the capability of measuring parameters like speed and braking input, and can be accessed by law enforcement in the event of a crash. That means the fantastical story you pulled out of your ass regarding the red light you just ran will be no match for the hard data in that little circuit-ridden module.

Is this the end to privacy as we know it, or is the push for Black Box infusion destined to breed smarter, more honest drivers? I welcome the integration of the Black Box, as long as the collected information does not transcend automobile performance. There are far too many idiots on the road, and hopefully this will curb the amount of senseless hit-and-runs over time.

[Via: Infowars]