Some of us aren't in a very LOL kind of mood until we've had our first hits of caffeine. And so, it naturally stands to reason that we should combine the two activities into one glorious, stupendous creation, right? Meet Textspresso, the texting espresso machine that prints messages right onto your latté!

Of course, the kitchen gadget can also send and receive texts, but the real magic happens when it emblazons the top of your coffee drink with an edible-ink message. The brainchild of Zipwhip, the cloud-texting company's Textspresso is actually a Jura Impressa Xs90 espresso machine, but tricked out with texting functions and a Canon printer.

The target audience for this kind of contraption isn't very clear (though, if the coffee machine ran Android or had an Apple logo slapped on it, I'm sure there'd be a market for it). But as it is, it's not headed to retail anytime soon anyway. Basically, Zipwhip just wanted to show off its mad SMS skills in an attention-getting way. Mission accomplished.

[via Springwise]