If you cast your mind back to last week, you may recall that Samsung issued a relatively nifty update for Bixby Voice, giving users the facility to send cash and check the balance of their bank account using simple voice commands.

Today, it's been revealed that the company has pushed out another upgrade for the service that refines the feature by arming it with the ability to remember keywords, which should make it easier than ever to access important information.

Once the latest build of Bixby Voice has been installed, users should be able to say "bank balance" to find out how much money is in their account, instead of something more structured, like "check the balance of my bank account."

Bixby Voice still isn't available in the U.S.

Since Bixby Voice is still only available in South Korea, we can't test the functionality to see if it works as well as it should, and seeing as Samsung is having trouble teaching its assistant English, it doesn't look like it'll be available in other regions any time soon.